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Free home Inspection

You probably already know if you have bugs or pests. Or you know you want to prevent them from ever moving in. We can help.

There’s a lot we can do over the phone but a first hand look is going to be the way to know for sure, whether a one shot treatment will d oit or a controlled program. And, we offer¬†no initial fee for those who are currently being serviced by another company and want to come to us. Don’t hesitate to tell us what’s really important to you in regards to your¬†service. We’ve been doing this a long time and we have literally heard it all.

We’ll inspect your roof, attic, living space, basement, crawlspace, garage, and yard. During the inspection, we’ll take pictures that we’ll upload into your customer file for documentation. We’ll then use all the information we gathered to develop a tailor-fitted program to address your rodent control needs.

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We are a Kingdom Business. We offer the best extermination in El Dorado County and beyond so your home or business becomes and remains pest-free. Your service will include inspection, treatment, removal and control in kitchens, restrooms, break-rooms, any area that may be a source of food or water. We know what we’re doing, and dedicated to service. Give us a call.