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8 Ways to Stop Ants Coming Into Your Home

Try these tricks, but killing off a nest is the only way to get rid of ants entirely. If you’ve got persistent ants anywhere along the Divide, from Tahoe to Placerville, Shingle Springs or beyond, give us a call. Pony Express Pest Control 530-303-8155. We’re open 7 days a week.

…Remove ant-tempting foods

Ants are drawn to sugary and fatty foods. Keep your syrups, sugars and anything that attracts ants in airtight containers or put them in the fridge.

Create a moat of water around pet food bowls so the ants cannot cross the water to get to the food. Put outside food bowls away from the house and only feed your pet what it can eat in one go.

Deploy acid and gap filler. Ants do not like acidic things, so using lemon or vinegar can put them off. The insects leave a chemical trail behind when they find a food or water source to tell others where to go. Wipe away an ant trail with something like lemon juice to break the chain. Filling any holes you find that are letting ants get into your home will ease your problems also.

Chalk up a barrier and lay baits

Ants tend not to like chalky substances, such as actual chalk, baby powder or baking powder. A line of powder can stop them from entering your home.

But killing off a nest is the only way to get rid of them entirely, so give us a call Pony Express Pest Control 530-303-8155.

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